YoutubeGet, I Want To Own It!

  • Social video services are presumably the strongest and the most popular of the "New Web" trends, and YouTube service is apparently the most popular and the largest archive of the kind. YouTube is used by actors, singers, politicians, promoters, and, of course, many of "normal people" to share professional or amateur movies, documentary or fiction, long and short, funny and shocking... One problem (sometimes it seems to be critical) with YouTube is that it forces you to load and see all the videos in browser; it is a pain with not-so-fast Internet, it is a pain when you want to show video to somebody else, it is a pain when you want to save it. All you can save is just a link... Right? Wrong! You can just GET videos from YouTube with YoutubeGet!

    The program works like a good "download manager", but a specialized one. It can handle all YouTube URLs in clipboard, or alternatively you can "drop" addresses to the on-screen "basket". Then, before the downloading starts, you can setup format for the downloaded video (including Flash, WMV, QuickTime and mobile MP4 formats!), so, you'll obtain the content as fast as possible, and it will have the most convenient format. The program's smooth interface and nice dialogs will do all the work easily and joyously.

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