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  • YouTube... you can't live with it and you can't live without it. More and more companies ban this website during work hours just to get the max out of their employees. Truth be told, YouTube is crawling with all sort of content, from funny short movies to precious information about games or God knows what new groundbreaking technology soon to be released to the public.

    The only downside of the website is that it does not allow its users to download videos. But, since to each problem there is at least one solution, software developers have found a way to dodge this and to provide users with the means of getting all YouTube content to their hard drives. YouTubeGet is only one of the solutions currently on the market.

    As all YouTube downloading tools available on the Internet, YotubeGet is extremely easy to use and to configure. However, there is a price you have to pay for all the fun and joy of watching YouTube movies from your hard drive: $29.95. You are entitled to test the application, but there are some limitations you may not like.

    The interface is nice and very user friendly. It could not get any simpler than that and any user, regardless of his/her computer skills, should be able to handle it with absolutely no problems. All the options are available in main application window, which kind of makes the menu bar obsolete once you have bought the software. After the interface has loaded you are displayed the steps to be taken for downloading the YouTube video. There is nothing to it, really.

    A float bar will always stay on your desktop and all you need to do is drag the video right there (it is called Drop Zone). New Download window will pop up in almost a second, supplying all the options for the file to be deposited on your disk.

    Unlike many products whose purpose is to let you download YouTube movies, YotubeGet comes with adjacent features that permit running the short movie on Pocket PCs, on PSPs, iPods or mobile phone(auto convert FLV to AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 and 3GP). The application is perfectly capable of converting the movie file into a file supported by all these portable devices.

    Unfortunately, in the unregistered version of the product you are not allowed to change any of the settings for video conversion. Video/audio bitrate, screen size and frame rate are locked and defaults will have to do. The last step before proceeding to downloading the file is defining the storage location.

    Converter window is very much like download window. The only difference is that instead of providing a web link for download you have to supply the location of the file you want to convert to a different format. This feature works in both Vista and XP with the same rate of success.

    Settings area of the software is also extremely easy to handle. You get to configure the actions that should be taken after download task is complete: open storing folder or not. Also, you can set the app to monitor the clipboard for YouTube links. With this feature enabled you no longer have to paste the link in the appropriate window as the software will do this for you.

    The application is not large and users should not have a hard time handling it. Both Download and Converter windows are very much alike and during our testing we successfully downloaded all YouTube videos we could grab. YotubeGet downloaded and converted all of them with no problem. However, if you decide to give the unregistered version a test be aware of the fact that you cannot download more than 4 items.

    YotubeGet is very easy to use and the customer's effort is minimum when it comes to handling the interface. Besides downloading video files from the Internet, the application can also convert them to a series of video formats supported by various portable devices.

    Drop Zone makes it easy for you to start downloading the items. A simple drag and drop will do just fine.

    Conversions are executed fast and not much quality is lost (but I suggest going with the default settings for best results).

    The Truth

    YotubeGet got all the videos we fed it, no questions asked. The price may seem a little high and the limitations of the trial version may not be sufficient for properly testing the application, but it is definitely worth your attention.

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