Free Licenses of YouTubeGet Time-limited Giveaway

  • Users can get free licenses of YouTubeGet to download video from YouTube until Dec 10th today starts their Time-limited Giveaway promotion for the YouTube video downloader shareware product - YouTubeGet at This giveaway will be ended on Dec 10th, 2010. The original price of YouTubeGet is $29.95 USD, but during the giveaway time YouTubeGet is for free for all users.

    YouTubeGet is a small windows utility that has been sold more than 100, 000 copies in the world. The program will allow users to save any video from YouTube, convert it to an appropriate format and then use it anywhere they want on their iPod, mobile phone, PDA, everywhere!

    YouTubeGet offers a number of ways to download a video file. Once the video is successfully stored on users' computer, they can convert it into a format of choice. The software converts HD MP4 videos into MP3, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP and other popular video and audio formats. Users will only need minutes to find, download and convert a YouTube video into a file that can be opened on their cell phone or iPod and shared with friends.

    YouTubeGet automatically detects when users perform any type of activity related to YouTube. For example if they copy a YouTube URL to the clipboard, a YouTubeGet popup will appear and ask them if they would like to download the video the URL leads to.

    YouTubeGet supports the majority of Windows operating systems, including 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

    The giveaway is totally free and 100% full functional. Giveaway promotion page:

    Founded in 2006, develops and markets conversion software for Windows computers. The company offers several software products, for more information, please visit